PRESIDENCY: CPPE Poll Projects Obi to beat Tinubu, Atiku

CPPE Projection: Peter Gregory Obi will succeed President Buhari
Nigerians are ANGRY!  There is a higher level of political consciousness in the country
This election will be different.
Nigerians are in pains and angry because APC and PDP have abused power, they looted the nation’s treasury and left the country in ruins and economic chaos with insecurity, kidnapping, banditry, food and fuel shortages have become the order of the day. The people have never had it so bad. The country has increasing national debt with nothing to show for it. The economy is devastated with people living in extreme poverty. Now the bubble has busted. They have come out of silence. It is only a fool that does not know that this day will come but many politicians are foolish because of their greed and selfishness they rather the country bottom out than lose power. The table has turned on them now they are on defensive.

Peter Obi to the rescue! Why Peter Obi will win.
Never has a person inspired so much hope in a country that is at the brink of collapse.
 The emergence of Peter Obi, a former governor who broke record in infrastructure development and implementation of millennium development goals, MDG when he was the governor of Anambra state. The only governor who rejected retirement pension from his state and who left over N75 billion in the state treasury at handing over to his successor. Obi  has injected hope into a people that have become despondent in a nation characterized by “JAPA” syndrome where passport offices and embassies of European and North American countries are packed by Nigerians seeking to japa. Nigerians young and old redirected their hope and energy to what became Obidient movement for one last chance of getting their country to work for them. The Obidient movement which is not a creation of any one individual or group exploded and totally disrupted the political landscape of Nigeria with Peter Obi propagating clear and decisive message of hope and a new Nigeria. The people responded they have found their touch bearer, a political messiah and leader who they can trust to take them on the journey of nation building.

The expression on the street became “We are taking Nigeria back to begin the process of building a country we can call our own. A country with security of life and property, a country of rule of Law, a country with electricity to power production and drive employment and improve quality of life, flush out corruption, enthrone openness and transparency and accountability in government and create a land of equal opportunity where everyone can pursue his or her dream. The people have found in Obi a government that will listen to them  and see power as a privilege to serve and take the people to a better place where education, healthcare, public  transportation and food security are managed as basic  necessities of life”.

When one is destined for success things naturally fall in place. The Obidient movement found the most suitable vice presidential candidate anyone can get in the person of Datti Ahmed a former national assembly member and a successful entrepreneur. The couple, Obi- Datti became a formidable ticket that no force in Nigeria can realistically challenge nor defeat. Obidient movement went to the street encouraging everyone young and old to acquire their PVCs and get ready to take back Nigeria. The get your PVC project has been a success.

Indeed they are angry only the change they are clamoring for will pacify them. The time is now they are ready to elect Peter Obi as the next president of Nigeria.

In a recent night out, a fired up crowd of admirers, enthusiasts and supporters in Atlanta, USA told Obi that no force on earth will stop him from becoming the next President of Nigeria because the majority is with him. Nigerians in Diaspora represent a formidable force around the world. Their force is so strong that they are reckoned with in elections in their host countries. Will Nigerians in Diaspora influence the outcome of Nigeria’s 2023 presidential elections? You bet! They will. They will urge their dependants, their cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, parents and friends to vote Obi. They will put their influence and money where their heart is. If Obi wins Nigerians in Diaspora will be the first group of foreign investors to bring home investments that will spore the economy and create employment for the youths. They will invest in every sector of the economy. They will make their home country the place to invest.

It is not that Peter Obi needs Nigerians it is that Nigerians need Peter Obi to rescue the country from the clutches of selfish and corrupt ruling class to lead transformation of  the corporate structure of the country and create an environment  and polity conducive to growth and development of a country where every citizen will count and thrive. Obi presidency will pull millions out of poverty

The question is not will Obi win rather it is will INEC conduct a free and fair election? INEC Nigeria’s election umpire is on the spot and the world is eagerly watching and waiting for Nigerians to validate their new found hope in the candidacy of Peter Obi – Datti Ahmed at the polls on February 25th 2023 to usher in Obi presidency.

As you travel the country and gauge the political temperature with the countless one million man rallies organized by Obi-Datti supporters in several states and cities, expectations on how he will govern are already shaping discussions. Obi- Datti administration will be defined by character, competence and capacity. The scale of countless endorsements from high and mighty, big and small and from organized groups tells one that this will be people’s government. It will end rent seeking in government. Expect to see competent and capable people in positions of responsibility, a government lead by two men that are not corrupt will not tolerate corruption. It will be a new dawn in Nigeria. There will be rule of law. There will be transparency and accountability in government. Nigerians will find reason to be patriotic and the country will be respected abroad.
In a few days time Nigerians, north, south, east and west will vote for the man they consider their political messiah and the trusted leader who will break the shackles of darkness, social and economic backwardness and usher them into a country that will better harness the abundant resources that have so far been plundered and badly managed. That man is Peter Gregory Obi. The world is waiting for the sun to rise in Nigeria

Dr. Titus Obiorah Enuebuka
President, Center for Public Policy Effectiveness, Nigeria
Titus Obiorah, an entrepreneur is a Public Policy Analyst and Commentator and a Community Development Advocate.
He  Co-Chaired NELGA Summit 2020 and is the  Chairman of Ndoshimili Development Association, NDA
He lives in USA and Nigeria.
February, 20th 2023.

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