WORLD CUP: Qatar Police Fail to Arrest 2 Naked Argentine Girls

Qatar Police Fail to Arrest 2 Naked Argentine Girls

Two Argentine female fans, identified as Milubarbiie and Noe, who threw off their tops and exposed their breasts in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup final escaped arrest by Qatar police and have safely returned to their respective homes.

In the thick of the frenzied celebrations by Argentine fans when their Lionel Messi-inspired national football squad overran their French opponents at the Qatari National Stadium, two Argentine girls exposed their breasts in euphoria triggering fears they might be arrested by the Qatar police.
Out of the thousands, perhaps millions of celebrations that took place after Argentina’s victory in the final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, one of those that undoubtedly attracted the most attention was that of the two young fans of Messi and company, who, carried away by the euphoria of victory, celebrated topless under the watch of the Qatar authorities.

The girls’ nude photos having gone viral, the question that circulated in networks was whether they would be arrested for this act, since the Qatari authorities had said that they would not allow such ‘indecent’ act in public.
Rather than apprehended and made to face the wrath of the law over their topless public display as feared, the act has brought them worldwide ‘fame’.

The two girls with known whose Instagram names are Milubarbiie and Noe, decided that one of the best ways to celebrate Argentina’s three-time championship was to take off their national team jerseys and expose their breasts.

But their nipples were not exposed, as they both had the Argentinean flag painted, in a case of bodypainting that, nevertheless, ignited social media thanks to the daring of the two fans.
Through her Instagram stories, one of them, Noe, posted a photo of herself on a plane, and in the caption she joked that she was waiting for the aircraft to take off “before they come looking for me.”

Also on her IG account, Milubarbiie posted a video in which she said she had “made it back to Europe, a place I missed so much while cheering for Argentina in the soccer tournament.”
Although they were not the only women who gave people something to talk about for their beauty and daring, as before them did Ivana Knoll, the famous former Miss Croatia who appeared in several matches wearing tight pants with the colors of the flag of her country and on top only a bikini with the same features.

In the meantime, the two Argentine girls who captivated after the victory of their national team are back home, safe and sound, and with the memory of having been part of one of the most spectacular and memorable finals in the history of the World Cup.

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