Nigeria Bags 6th Position in Africa Visa Openness Report

According to the African Union and the African Development Bank’s report on visa openness in Africa, Nigeria came in sixth place. The seventh version of the report was made public on Sunday during the 2022 African Economic Conference in Balaclava, Mauritius. According to the research, The Gambia, Seychelles, and Benin came in first through third place, respectively. Data for the 2022 edition was gathered in July and August, primarily from the official websites of the participating nations and the International Air Transport Association.

According to the research, 48 out of the 54 nations now permit citizens of at least one other African nation to travel without a visa.

Furthermore, inhabitants of at least five other African nations can travel to 42 countries without a visa, and citizens of three other African nations can travel to 3 countries without a visa. Additionally, 29 nations now grant citizens of at least one other African nation a visa on arrival.

The index examines each nation’s visa policies to see which ones on the continent make it easier to enter their territory. The AVOI determines the number of African nations for which a visa is required before entering each nation. Additionally, it determines the number of nations whose people are eligible for visa-on-arrival and the number of nations whose nationals do not require a visa to enter.

Then, each nation is given a score for visa openness and rated appropriately. The AVOI, which was first published in 2016, also keeps track of changes in a country’s scores over time. This demonstrates how the policies of various nations regarding the freedom of migration inside Africa are changing.

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