A leader of the gang that beheaded Anambra lawmaker arrested

A leader of the gang that beheaded Anambra lawmaker arrested

One of the leaders of the high profile terrorists group commonly referred to as ‘unknown gunmen’ that had been terrorizing Anambra State has been allegedly apprehended.

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According to a Facebook user, Mr Ikechukwu Onyia who shared pictures and videos of arrested commander said: “At about 1.35pm, today at Ebenator-Udene Village, Amichi, Nnewi South LGA, Nnahadi Michael, was arrested by special tactical teams.

“He was unveiled as part of gang operating as unknown gunmen (UGM) while enforcing Sit-at-Home order at Amichi, extorting money and causing mayhem.”

In the video, the culprit confessed to having only killed three persons since he joined the group.
Speaking in Igbo, the culprit said: “We only tied them to confess if they were politicians, but two died. It was only one that was shot dead.

“As for the one that was beheaded, it was not me that beheaded him. I had not been made the commander then, but I joined them during that operation. Our commander then is now dead,” he said.

Onyia in his post stated that the culprit’s main cohort, Chikwendu Mbonu, a witch doctor of Obiagu was still at large but his Shrine was destroyed, while the suspect is presently in command custody for further interrogation.

Meanwhile, the Anambra State Police command spokesperson, DSP Toochukwu Ikenga said he could not confirm the authenticity of the video, saying that the Imo State Police command was responsible for the arrest.

As at the time of filling this story calls to the spokesperson of Imo State Police command, CSP Abattam were not taken nor text messages responded to.

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