Kannywood on path to unity, says Maishadda

Kannywood on path to unity, says Maishadda

Ace producer Abubakar Bashir Maishadda vows to ensure Kannywood unites after its lingering crises

Veteran Kannywood producer, Maishadda, who is dubbed the King of the Box Office, said he is doing his best in that regard, adding that if the disunity is allowed to continue it may affect everybody.“That is what we are working on and we hope it will work.

 “We are working to bring an end to all the disagreements because they have no use at all.

“It isn’t helping anybody, negatively impacts the industry and takes us backward,” he said.Asked on the role he is playing in seeing a united Kannywood, the producer said, “I try as much as I can to respect anyone worked for or I am working with, and they also respect me in return.

“So in most cases, when I advise anyone of them, they do listen to me. So, we have that mutual respect.”

Known for producing ‘The Right Choice’, said to be the biggest Kannywood movie with the biggest budget, Maishadda is using his platform to bring back the industry’s lost glory.

“It will boost the industry and create more opportunities,” he said.

There have been disagreements and social media wars between Kannywood stars, the most recent of which was stirred by Rahama Sadau’s posting photographs some fans considered indecent.

This led to exchange of words among her colleagues who accused each other and revealed dirty secrets that included claims of fornication and lesbianism.

Once, there was a disagreement between Ali Nuhu and Adam A. Zango, and crises between some producers and actors.

But Ali Nuhu and Zango appear to have since put the disagreement behind them and moved on.

Adam Zango had in a post on his verified Instagram handle called Ali Nuhu as his king, and Ali Nuhu in turn called him his prince.

Ali Nuhu wrote on their relationship: “The combination of a friend and brother is extra special. We are the same and it needs no explanation.”

Zango, Nuhu and Maishadda watched the movie ‘Fati’ together with fans at Film House Cinema, Kano. ‘Fati’ was produced by Maishadda and was directed by Kamal S. Alkali.

At the Film House, Nuhu and Zango were seen chatting and exchanging banter to the excitement of fans.

When asked if he believes unity between Nuhu and Zango will go a long way in uniting Kannywood, Abubakar Maishadda says, “it is very possible.” Currently, Abubakar Bashir is set to produce a movie featuring them.

Maishadda was also seen at the viewing of ‘Fati’ with another big producer, Alhaji Sheshe, which is seen as another sign of them coming together.

In another similar move, Nuhu visited Tamil, a group of Kannywood actors under popular director, Sunusi Oscar 442, which was seen as another big move in uniting Kannywood.

In-fights are common in any film industry all over the world. There are speculations that some of the face-offs are orchestrated to get cheap popularity, but Daily Trust is yet to confirm this.

 CREDIT: Daily Trust

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