We need a Mandela to save Nigeria now –Yinka Odumakin

I don’t think former President Obasanjo is talking of one man now. We should be talking of assembly of men and women of goodwill across the board, men who will stand like one man to give the leadership option that we need. When Emmanuel Macron, the French President, was giving his acceptance speech, the first set of people he thanked was those who voted to save the Republic. We need to save this Republic now. And we need such men of good standing, character, moral courage and integrity to save this country from disintegration. The stage we are now is not just electoral politics but liberation politics. And we need men of great courage like Mandela to lead the mass movement and get Nigeria out of the woods. It is a battle without gun, but we have to stand up and retrieve the soul of this country from the forces of backwardness. We need a broadminded Nigerian, a leader who does not see Nigeria from ethnic prism, a leader that will truly belong to all, a leader that will not have sacred cow, a leader that will rise above ethnicity and religious divides, a leader who will see Nigeria as his constituency, a leader who has sympathy for the poor, a leader who hates corruption with a passion, a leader who believes in productivity. That is the leader we need at this moment

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